Hathcocks’ prayer update excerpts

Thank you for praying for our colleague. The surgery went well but the doctors believe that his tumor was a gliomablastoma which is a type of cancer. Please pray for his wife and daughters that God would give them peace and wisdom as they will making decisions about further treatment what that means for them as missionaries. Pray that God would be glorified in their lives and in this situation.

My sister and her husband also have news about their baby Ezra. The Krabbe disease is at its beginning stages so they will proceed with treatment. Sunday night Chemo therapy will begin and continue for 9 days and then on November 16 a stem cell procedure will take place. Ezra is only 28 days old, if he doesn’t receive any treatment the prognosis is that he will die within two years but if he receives this treatment the possibilities are much better. This is our limited perspective, but we will see what God has planned.

Thank you for praying,