Hathcocks’ prayer update

Greetings from Debrecen,

We are so thankful for your faithfulness to pray for us. Some weeks are heavy and we know that folks like you are praying for us and it encourages us. Last Sunday on the way home from church our van completely stopped working. The cool thing about it was that it quit working across the street from a mechanic who was also down the street from our home. We pushed the van off the road and walked home rejoicing in God’s provision. We are also grateful for the people whom God has sent to us so that we can invest in their lives.

Please continue to pray:

  • We would keep our focus on Jesus and that our priority would be in knowing Him, glorifying Him and becoming more like Him as we live life in Debrecen.
  • Enough students would sign up for Darrel’s class so that he will have the opportunity to teach it. God would send just the right people who have a spiritual hunger and are searching.
  • Wisdom for us as we teach and disciple students on Wednesday nights.
  • Our daughters would be diligent and motivated to press on with their school work. God would give them understanding and the ability to learn what they need so that they can fulfill His purpose for their lives.
  • Logistics and direction for several groups that will be coming in the next few months. That God would reveal his unique plan for each group and the best way to use their gifts and abilities for His Kingdom purposes.
  • Darrel as he meets with students this week, that God would give him words of wisdom and truth that will challenge and encourage them.
  • The mechanics can quickly fix the van that we are currently using.
  • Our Hungarian church will be deciding on a possible new pastor today, pray that God’s desire would become their desire as they consider this person.

Thank you so much for your prayers!!!

Kimberly Hathcock