Hathcock family’s return to Hungary

Pray for the Hathcock family, as they are currently in transit from the US to Hungary following their Stateside Assignment.  Their plane arrives in Budapest tomorrow, then they will come by car to Debrecen.  This is a bittersweet time for them since their oldest daughter, Arianna, is not returning with them; we know that she is doing well at Dallas Baptist University, but she will be greatly missed here in Hungary!

Pray for a safe trip for the family, for a good adjustment back into culture, language, and ministry, and for all of them as they adjust to being so far away from Arianna.  Lift her up before the throne as she continues to adjust to this new phase of life.

Praise the Lord for how He will continue to use the Hathcock family to share the love of Christ with students in eastern Hungary!

The Hathcock family at Arianna’s graduation in May 2016.