Friday update

Praise the Lord for the Hathcock family’s safe return to Hungary this last Sunday with all their luggage and one small, black dog.  They have been on Stateside Assignment in the US for a year, so they have a lot of resettling to do, reconnecting with friends, and getting back into language and life here.  Pray for them as they readjust and reorient themselves to service on this side of the ocean.  Keep lifting up their oldest daughter, Arianna, as she continues her studies at Dallas Baptist University.

Gary and I (Carolyn) have been taking turns being sick recently (ugh!)  We appreciate your prayers for us for health and for wisdom in when to push on, and when to take time off to rest. We are going into an even busier time of service, so we are asking the Lord for strength and endurance.

Thank you so much for your prayers!