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Kickoff of youth English conversation game night

Please pray for the initial Friday evening youth English conversation game night. I know two youth from the high school that are coming for sure to meet J. and E. for conversational English and fun. Please pray that sicknesses will be healed with our family and with the Hungarians that are supposed to participate. Please ask God to help cultivate relationships with youth, to meet real needs and share our hope.

Thank you for joining us in prayer!
Monte Baker

Pray for family in crisis

A message came in today to the Turner Syndrome group from a new family where the woman is 13 weeks pregnant with their first child. The doctors suspect Turner Syndrome or Downs, and they said, “we are waiting, we are suffering and we are scared.”

Please pray for them and for this child, that the child would be wanted, no matter the test results.

We may never hear back from them about the results, but we pray they will take hold of the hope that is offered.

Bakers in Budapest – August 16, 2017

 Sowing seeds through Summer Camps
in Dunakeszi and Békásmegyer.   

Many children heard the gospel for the first time. New contacts were made.  For many the gospel and religion are still foreign.  We hope through relationships and continuous contact with believers these can experience God’s love and the gospel.

Pray for Adrian, to continue following Jesus.  We have not been able to contact him for weeks.

Grain Game – using Bible verses with object lessons and games to convey Biblical truth.  (This child participated in the game about choices.)

  • Pray for those in the camps who heard the gospel and those whom we made contact with. Ask God to continue to work in their lives and for the new relationships to grow.
  • Pray for Adrian.
  • Pray for us as we prepare to travel to the U.S. in September.  We will be staying for over three months.  Please feel free to contact us at monteaprilhavehope(at)gmail(dot)com
Thank you for partnering with us in the gospel here in Hungary.
The Bakers, Monte and April and family

Europe Facts
Of the 7.5 billion people in the world, 11% are European.  99% of Europe is lost.

Grain Game camp photos from the Bakers

Recently the Bakers asked that you pray for the Grain Game camps in Dunakeszi and Békásmegyer.  Praise the Lord for the kids who came and for the gospel seeds that were sown!  Continue to pray for these kids and their families, and that God will move in a mighty way in these two areas where we would love to see churches planted.

Bakers in Budapest – July 19, 2017

Pray for Adrian. 

  • Adrian surrendered his life to follow Christ. He asks prayer for God’s help to know how to live for Him in this world, in the challenging situations he daily faces and make adjustments. 
  • Pray for fellowship, truth, encouragement. 
 (Adrian gave permission to use his picture & real name.) 

Pray for Grain Game CAMPS July 24-29. 

  • Pray for children to hear about the camps and come (in Dunakeszi and Bekasmegyer). 
  • Pray for the gospel to be shared and relationships to be built. 

Thank you for joining us in His work here in Hungary.

Monte, April, Joshua, Elizabeth, Olivia, and Stephen