Calling all prayer warriors!

I just received a message from a national partner back in Hungary who’s in need of massive prayer support.  She said Satan is attacking their family.  In addition to some other things, they just found out that one of their sons is in big trouble in a way that greatly effects the whole family.  Please lift up these dear friends, that they will truly lean on the Lord in all of this and find wisdom, peace and help for the trials they are going through.  Also pray that this will be a major turning point in their son’s life as he gets serious about his need for the Lord, and that God will use this whole situation to His glory.

Our family also appreciates your continued prayers for Gary’s Mom, who is currently in the hospital in a very weakened state after many rounds of chemo.  This has been extremely hard on Gary’s dad, and he needs a lot of prayer also.  We’ll be getting some news from the doctors on Monday re: the current state of the cancer and what should come next.  Pray for her healing and for wisdom in any decisions that need to be made.

Thank you!