Betsy’s update for the week

Hello Everyone,

I hope that this email finds you and yours well.  This past week in Hungary has been quite busy.  First off, my supervisors have returned to Hungary.  Thank you so much for the prayers for their safety as they traveled.  Please continue to pray for them as they get adjusted to life back on this side of the world.

Photo with students
With students

Friday and Sunday groups met this week.  Please pray that those who met would be obedient during this week with what they learned.  I also had to teach this Sunday in Hungarian.  Many of you guys prayed for me during this, and I just want to thank you guys so much.  I was able to do it, and everyone was at least able to get the point of the lesson.  So thank you so much for your prayers they were heard and felt!

We also met with students this week.  I was able to have some great conversations with students.  Please be in prayer that we would be able to have more conversations, especially since our time with them is coming to an end as summer approaches.

Thank you so much for each of your prayers.  I appreciate them all.  Please feel free to email me back and let me know what the Father is doing in your life.

In Christ,