Betsy’s update for the week

Hello, Everyone.

Christmas tree in HungaryI hope that this email finds each of you well.  Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and soon Christmas will be upon us.  I am always a fan of Christmas and this time of year.  Everything here is going well.  We have been meeting with students and getting to have some great conversations with them.  I have two new students, S. and K.  Please be in prayer for them.  Pray that God would open their hearts to hear the gospel.  We also had Sunday House Church this week.  Eszter taught for us completely in Hungarian.  It was great to be able to follow along about what she was saying.  Please also be in prayer for our group.


We have been talking with another group of believers in the city.  They attended house group this last week, and are seeking about what the Father would desire of them.  Please pray that God would reveal to us how we can best partner with them so that the gospel goes forth.  Finally, please also be in prayer for me, personally.  I have decided to accept a position with the company when I return to the states.  I will be acting as a J3.
My job duties will include partnering with a church in LaGrange Georgia, and working with the company on helping recruit people to serve in Europe.  Please pray for me as I make this transition.  I am confident that this is the next step for me, but please pray for me as I say goodbye to everyone here, a quick hello to my friends and family, and then move onto work in Georgia.  Please pray for peace within my heart.

Betsy and a friend

Thank you all so much for the prayers.  I appreciate them so much.

In Christ,


Prayer Requests:
-believers to be strong and mature in their faith
-devotion and commitment from believers
-wisdom on how to partner with this other church
-my future steps