An encounter

Last week I had to really stretch my legs to make it to a weekly appointment about a 10-minute walk from our house…this week I decided to leave early so I could enjoy a more leisurely pace and still not risk being late.  As I headed off down the tree-lined street I saw one of the neighbor ladies coming from the opposite direction.  We had greeted each other many times before but had never really talked. 

Today as our eyes met and I smiled at her, she immediately approached and started pouring her heart out, telling me all about health and family issues and other trials in life.  I didn’t get to say much, mostly nodded and made sympathetic noises.  Then she stopped talking, and I saw that I really did have to go.  I told her that I am praying that the Lord will help her in the situations, and then we parted.  Was this the beginning of a new, deeper relationship with the neighbor lady?  I pray that it was, and that God will use it to open up many opportunities in the future to share the Good News.

I had to laugh as I hurried on toward my appointment, scurrying down the street to avoid being late.  Leaving early hadn’t kept me from having to rush, but it had made it possible for an encounter to take place that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.  May the Lord guide us in even the small things of life, using us to bring hope to those we meet.   

Pray for this dear neighbor lady and others that we encounter as we go about daily life; ask the Lord to speak to hearts and draw people to Himself.