Adams’ prayer update excerpts


Thank you for praying for us and the people we are in contact with each day. It is always a delight to see non-believers react when we tell them that prayers are being  lifted up for them by people who do not know them. They don’t understand such concern and love, but they do appreciate that others care about them. Others that you might take the time to pray for are our IMB colleagues in Hungary. They serve in many areas, from logistics to gathering people together who are raising children with special needs, to those personnel who mentor church pastors. I know they would appreciate it.

Each week when we go to the school, we have new opportunities to share God’s Word. Last week, Mike and I talked about Nature with one of the classes, and we were able to share Psalm 8. Can you imagine that some of the students and teachers have never opened a Bible to read anything from it? It’s a great way to teach new vocabulary and an even greater way to let them see and read the Word.

“K” came to Bible study this past Thursday night. Our story was from Matthew 18: 21-35-“The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant.”(NIV) She read out loud to the group. Her only question concerned the seventy times seven. What does it mean? How would you have answered her?

“J” came over to tell us that she was very sorry she didn’t come to Bible study. She said she was tired and she had been feeling overwhelmed with guilt since her husband took his own life four months ago. For the next 30 minutes, we just talked. We had our own little Bible study. I would love to say that she accepted Christ that night, but she did not. Please keep her and her children in your thoughts and prayers, especially her 13-year-old son “A.”

A teacher from the school, also named “J,” said it was hard for her to come to Bible study because she has young children. But she was wondering if she could come to our house before classes started, one day a week, to have conversational English. I said that would be great, but I told her that I would use Bible stories in our time together. So far we have been over “The Creation and Fall of Man,” “God’s Promise to Abraham,” and “Abraham and Isaac.”

“A” is a carpenter who lives in our city. He and Mike spend time each week going over his English lessons from the school he attends in Budapest. Please pray as Mike imparts eternal truth along with English.

In Him,
Mike and Terry