Adams’ prayer update excerpts

Pizza project

Mike and ZoliA yummy new pizza was introduced to an elementary school in Törökbálint in April.  Mike and I were invited by Krisztina to watch her marketing students (some of our English students) as they prepared their new sardine-topped pizza for sampling among the kids and their parents.

The high school students from the Bálint Márton School asked that those participating fill out questionnaires about the new food item. These were collected, tabulated, and made into a class presentation.

Mike and I were asked to check the written part of the presentation for English mistakes. This was a fun way to help students and meet new people.

We are grateful for our friend Zoli, who secured locations for the two camps we will have this summer. Please pray for faithful friends from North Carolina who will minister with us.

Our first camp in Budaörs will be for children. The second camp will be for teenagers, and it will be located in Törökbálint. Our desire is that those who come will clearly hear the Gospel and make decisions that will honor Christ.