Adams’ prayer update excerpts

We hope you enjoy these pictures of our English camps. Thank you for your prayers of support. May the Lord bless you as you serve him.

Mike and Terry

(Left) Kickball was new to some at the Teenage Camp. (Right) Whitley and Donna are helping out a camper with his picture frame in crafts. Donna and Mike taught the Bible stories during the second camp.

(Left) Wade got “netted” during sports. (Right) Kriszti and Kinga led the Hungarian teams during the second and first camps respectively. Lilla was a big help as well. Ricsi just liked to photo-bomb.   🙂
(Left) Barnanne kept the campers moving as she imparted Biblical truth during recreation. (Right)  This is Jerry and Susan’s 7th year of teaching the Bible stories at Children’s Camp. We are very thankful for their leadership.
Jesus paid it all
(Left) Here is music in motion from the teenagers. (Right) English classes in 
the afternoons also prompted spiritual questions during both camps.
 Lincoln, Dylan, and Kayla are singing camp
 songs with the younger kids.