A lesson in grace

Pray for 14-year-old “K,” who recently took part in an English camp.  Good-hearted, with boundless energy and potential leadership qualities, K has unfortunately never learned impulse control.  She was constantly in trouble, interacting with too much enthusiasm.  Once a playful kick resulted in a shattered touch screen on another camper’s precious tablet, and later an attempted prank led to a child falling painfully on her back.

After multiple reprimands, K sat alone on the steps trying to hide her face.  Gary went to sit with her, and they talked about life at home and at school.  She said she got good grades but was in trouble because of her behavior.

“I am bad.  I am always so bad…” she said through her tears. 

“Do you know what grace is?”  asked Gary.  He gently explained that we all do bad things, but grace is when someone else pays the price for it so that we don’t have to.  She had broken the tablet, but the church said that they would pay to have it repaired.  He went on to say that we have all sinned, but Jesus paid the price for us.

Pray that “K” will soon come to understand and accept this grace that Christ so freely offers, and that in Him she will find the love and acceptance that she is looking for.